The LG G Flex – A Neat Idea, But Not Quite Up to Snuff Yet?


The LG G Flex has a lot of eyes glued to its bendy body all across this technology hungry globe, and for good reason. It’s the very first of its kind, a 4G smart-phone with a flexible display that could potentially change the game in the mobile phone industry. Said to be leaving the laboratory […]

[Infographic] Small Business Marketing Budgets


  Small business owners often struggle to take the time and energy to compose an effective, smart marketing budget for the year ahead. Many small business owners are shrewd and decisive with their money, but the marketing budget is not always laid out in the most intelligent way. A popular method is the simple dollar […]

5 Ways to Take the Pressure off Your IT Department


As a business grows, some departments may need outside help to keep up with the demands placed on an organization. This is often true for IT departments. Instead of being able to focus on the goals of the department and business, IT workers can get bogged down with unrelated tasks. To offer workers relief and […]

Benefits of Technology in Early Childhood Education


Technology has integrated into every aspect of our lives and children are reaping the benefits. All over the world, childcare Ireland, the UK and United States, technological learning processes are in place in both school and at home and there are many benefits to technology in early childhood education. Computers, interactive whiteboards, tablets and digital […]

Looking Legit on a Budget: 3 Tips for Small Businesses


You want your small business to look the part, but you don’t have a marketing team or a PR agency to do the job for you. Overhauling your business’ aura on a budget takes creativity and finesse, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. These tips will help you with everything from saving pennies on necessities, […]

[Infographic] Which Things Attract People On Cell Phones?


This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Shoebacca coupon) and SMB Tech Guide.

The Advantages of Cloud Printing


The growth of cloud computing has also seen the advent of cloud printing,  probably the most unheralded yet most useful element of the cloud computing revolution to date. Thanks to the “increased degree of connectivity and an increasing amount of data” used by both companies and individuals in daily life and operations, cloud computing and […]

Ergonomics in Small Businesses


In his book HR for Small Business (2009), Charles H. Fleishcher discusses ergonomics as the science of relationship between workers and their work environment. In the Good Small Business Guide 2013, ergonomics concerns the adaptation of equipment, procedures and surroundings to the people who use them. The aim is to create a safe, comfortable and […]

3D Printing for SMBs and the everyday Consumer

3d printing

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a practice of printing 3D objects using digital models. It can be used almost in every industry by various users in cases like engineering, education, health care, metal casting, architecture and much more. Two years ago, a 3D printer would have set you back tens of thousands […]

How Technology Can Transform Your Business Strategy


Technology is changing the way we do everything nowadays. From connecting with our friends and family to how we shop. Businesses have to adapt the way they operate to combat this continuously changing world. There are several ways that businesses can use technology to transform and develop their business strategy. Whether your company is selling mobile […]