50 iPad Apps That Could Be Essential to Your Small Business

It’s safe to say that the world of mobile devices was turned on its head when Apple introduced the first iPad in 2010. Whether or not you’re a fan of the product, it’s hard to argue against how much it’s changed the personal computing landscape.

Even if you own a competing device, most of its apps likely wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the iPad—not that those apps are just copies (for better or worse). Probably more than anything else, the iPad proved that there was an interest in tablet computing after all, despite previous attempts by companies such as Dell, Toshiba and Microsoft—especially if the apps on that tablet computer are done right.

(Presently three companies pretty much own the tablet market: Apple, Amazon and Samsung. And, there are basically two operating systems: iOS from Apple and Android, originally by Google…but there are now many other “flavors” of Andriod out there.)

In fact, since its introduction as the first “new style” tablet, the iPad has become a must-have tool for businesspeople who understand that being on-the-go doesn’t mean giving up running their business or doing their jobs. More and more, these individuals realize that they’re not tied down to their offices.

Here, then, is a partial list of 50 Essential iPad Apps for small and medium business, from a article on the Intuit website. Most aren’t native to just the iPad, but can also be used with an iPhone or iPod Touch.

It’s always a good idea to do one’s own research before paying for an app that doesn’t suit you, even if it is only a few dollars. Consider: a $2 app x 30 co-workers really starts to add up if it doesn’t do what you want, and you learn this after your corporate and sales team all have the app on their iOS devices. You’d be wise to check out the app first and read the reviews beforehand.


Intuit GoPayment — Allows the iPad to accept credit card payments. Free. (More on this app here.)

GoodReader for iPad — One of the most popular PDF readers available. Why show your inventory on paper when your customers can experience it better on the iPad, with zooming and panning features? $2.99.

WordPress — Editing and posting to a company’s weblog is even easier with this app. Free.

Facebook — Is your small business on Facebook? Free.

Pages — The native Mac word processing program. $9.99.

Numbers — The Mac’s Excel-like spreadsheet app. $9.99.

Dropbox — File storage in the cloud. Free. (More on this app here.)

Instapaper — Not only does save webpages for later reading, but it removes the ads! $4.99.

CNN — The latest news, in text and video. Free.

Bloomberg — One of the best places to keep up with financial news. Free.


Do you have some apps you’re fond of that you use in your small business? Share them in the Comments!


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